About My Book

Once Every Day Becomes Easter

With many Christians now questioning its deeper value, too many  of us have left church, and churches in America are closing every day. Our faith has not evaporated, but we need something beyond the weekly services that are often more ceremonial than substantive. The Christian church has stagnated during the past century, and it needs real rejuvenation to truly thrive. This book is for those who either want to supplement your church-going or find a refreshing alternative. It looks at the Bible and Christian doctrines, our self-centeredness in relation to God, our fear of serving others, prayer and miracles, and the  complexities of true forgiveness. Lastly, it describes God’s Holy Mystery through three examples: Nature, near-death experiences and the Shroud of Turin.

Once Every Day Becomes Easter (available at Amazon) aims to hone the beginnings of a new consensus toward bridging Christianity with science, medicine and our own psychology to revive the truth that we belong to God and not only ourselves, and to work through the personal work of forging a muscular faith in our Lord. Beyond the old ways of idol worship, circumcision and religious laws lies a richer way from God and not ourselves: His Holy Mystery. Nearly too late, we may be on the cusp of redefining Christianity in a way not seen since its first years after the death of Jesus: God’s facts finally transcending our human beliefs.

Visit YouTube to see me discussing the book.


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